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In Force Overview

Insurance companies’ strategies can be hindered by the financial implications and management of legacy blocks of business.

Wilton Re is a leader in creating reinsurance-based solutions that help clients achieve capital, risk management and operational efficiency objectives.

Benefits realized through our In Force Solutions:

  • Capital and Financial Management
    • Positive impact on ROE
    • Redeployment of capital to more strategic initiatives
    • Improved capital position
  • Operational Efficiencies
    • Reduction or elimination of legacy IT systems
    • Lowered cost of IT and administration
    • Improved standards of service for existing customers
    • Redeployment and maximization of human capital
  • Risk Management
    • Transfer of operational and financial risks
    • Legal, regulatory and tax issues affecting acquisitions
Wilton Re is the most experienced provider of In Force Solutions in the U.S. life insurance industry

Wilton Re Solutions

Wilton Re tailors its solutions for clients based on their circumstances and objectives. Through our structuring approach, we balance risk management, capital and operating efficiency objectives to achieve the best execution for our clients. Transactions may include most categories of life insurance policies as well as fixed and life contingent annuities. We take into account all facets of a potential transaction.

  • Reinsurance-based transactions or stock acquisitions of in force business
  • Administrative services to capture expense savings and improve service
  • Full transfer of financial and/or operational risks, depending on clients’ objectives
  • Increased business valuation and ceding commission based on anticipated
    expense savings
  • Guaranteed cost of system and operations conversions; fixed operating
    expenses for the life of the business
  • Experienced managers for conversions and Business Process Outsourcing oversight
  • New Business Solutions to the extent clients want to continue certain product offerings

In Force Solutions

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An A-rated Bermuda reinsurer committed to creating solutions that enhance value for our clients, their policyholders, and their shareholders.

In Force Solutions

By solving legacy business issues, insurers achieve operating efficiencies and free up the necessary capital and resources to pursue strategic growth.

New Business Solutions

In order to tap into new growth opportunities, insurers must rethink product development processes to quickly achieve market entry.